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Keywords: Cloud computing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Small and medium enterprises (SMEs') Small and medium businesses (SMBs') a b s t r a c t Cloud computing has become the buzzword in the industry today. Though, it is not an entirely new concept but in today's digital age, it has become(More)
Thirty-two dogs affected with transmissible veneral tumour (TVT) were divided into three treatment groups. In group I vincristine sulphate at 0.025 mg/kg body weight, in group II vinblastine sulphate at 0.150 mg/kg body weight, and in group III vinblastine sulphate at 0.100 mg/kg body weight plus methotrexate at 0.35 mg/kg body weight were given(More)
Many events in news articles don't include time arguments. This paper describes two methods, one based on rules and the other based on statistical learning, to predict the unknown time argument for an event by the propagation from its related events. The results are promising – the rule based approach was able to correctly predict 74% of the unknown event(More)
Biochemical changes of the milk were studied in 7 lactating goats. The right udder halves of the animals were inoculated through the teat canal with 1 ml of Mycoplasma ovine/caprine serogroup 11 (2-D) culture containing 6x10(6) colony forming units ml-1. The left udder halves of these goats were kept as control. The experiment was continued for 35 days(More)
BACKGROUND Classification of symptomatic dengue according to current World Health Organization (WHO) criteria is not straightforward. In this prospective study of dengue infection during an epidemic in India in 2004, we applied the WHO classification of dengue to assess its usefulness for our patients. METHODOLOGY The study included 145 clinically(More)
Mycotic gastritis, primarily caused by Rhizopus sp. was seen in six buffalo calves (7-13 days old) at postmortem examination. The predominant lesions were numerous raised ulcers in which were hyphae of Rhizopus. In three calves, Candida organisms were also present superficially in the ulcers. Other changes in the mucosa were severe congestion, haemorrhage,(More)
The present study, first of its kind, was conducted with the objectives to understand hitherto little known aspects of candidal mastitis, like its sequential pathology, pathogenesis and clinico-biochemical changes. For this purpose, unilateral intramammary inoculation of 10 goats with Candida albicans (1.2 × 107 yeast cells) resulted in the development of(More)
Zygomycosis was produced experimentally in 20 New Zealand white rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) by intra-nasal administration of spores of Absidia corymbifera. Infected animals showed dullness, depression, coughing and mucopurulent nasal discharge, but no mortality. Haematology revealed no significant change in Hb and PCV, but leukocytosis due to(More)