Prashant B. Swadas

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Security is an essential requirement in mobile ad hoc networks to provide protected communication between mobile nodes. Due to unique characteristics of MANETS, it creates a number of consequential challenges to its security design. To overcome the challenges, there is a need to build a multifence security solution that achieves both broad protection and(More)
Typically, computer viruses and other malware are detected by searching for a string of bits found in the virus or malware. Such a string can be viewed as a “fingerprint” of the virus identified as the signature of the virus. The technique of detecting viruses using signatures is known as signature based detection. Today, virus writers often camouflage(More)
Some of the world’s plants are already at the edge of becoming extinct. So to saving earth’s biodiversity for future generations is an important global task. To identify flower pollen grain is an important task for the reproduction procedure. This involves mapping plants distribution by collecting pollen and identifying them in a laboratory environment. But(More)
Mobile ad hoc network (MANETs) is an infrastructureless/self-configurable system in which every node carries on as host or router and every node can participate in the transmission of packets. Because of its dynamic behaviour such system is more susceptible against various sorts of security threats, for example, Black hole, Wormhole , Jamming , Sybil,(More)
Location management, which is about keeping track of current location of mobile terminals with the objective of minimizing cost involved, is an important issue. In reporting cell location management approach, some cells are designated as reporting cells. In order to minimize the location management cost, the reporting cells must be determined carefully.(More)
The foremost concerned security issue in mobile ad hoc networks is to protect the network layer from malicious attacks, thereby identifying and preventing malicious nodes. A unified security solution is in very much need for such networks to protect both route and data forwarding operations in the network layer. Without any appropriate security solution,(More)
In this paper we study and represent various techniques of image super resolution (SR), it is also called as super resolution reconstruction. Super resolution reconstruction produces high resolution image from sequence of low resolution images. The main aim of super resolution is to improve visual quality of available low resolution image. Also existing Low(More)
The effective and secure protections of sensitive information are primary concerns in commercial, medical and military systems. To address the reliability problems for secret images, a visual cryptography scheme is a good alternative to remedy the vulnerabilities. Visual cryptography is a very secure and unique way to protect secrets. Visual cryptography is(More)
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