Prashant Aggarwal

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Model checking tools are gaining traction as a practical formal verification solution for industrial designs. However, the use of abstraction models is key to overcoming complexity barriers in applying these tools. Coverage has been a useful metric to determine when simulation-based verification is complete. In this paper, we show how similar coverage(More)
The proliferation of multi-core hardware has led to widespread use of concurrent programs. However, these programs are notoriously difficult to get right and to debug for developers. Even for automated verification, it is a big challenge to reason about subtle synchronization between communicating threads or processes, combined with an exponential number of(More)
Mutual exclusion is a classical problem which prevents simultaneous access to a shared resource. In recent years, several number of algorithms has been proposed for the problems o f Mutual Exclusion in MANETs. Different variants of mutual exclusion has also been proposed and solved. Some researchers have done the survey of various proposed mutual exclusion(More)
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