Prashan Premaratne

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Almost all consumer electronic equipment today uses remote controls for user interfaces. However, the variety of physical shapes and functional commands that each remote control features also raises numerous problems: the difficulties in locating the required remote control, the confusion with the button layout, the replacement issue and so on. The consumer(More)
Thinking Head project is a multidisciplinary approach to building intelligent agents for human machine interaction. The Thinking Head Framework evolved out of the Thinking Head Project and it facilitates loose coupling between various components and forms the central nerve system in a multimodal perception-action system. The paper presents the overall(More)
Hand gesture recognition has been applied to many fields in recent years, especially in man-machine interaction (MMI) area, which is regarded as a more natural and flexible input. In this paper, an overview of hand gesture recognition research up to date is presented, which includes common stages of hand gesture recognition, common methods and technique of(More)
This paper presents a new scheme for hand posture selection and recognition based on statistical classification. It has applications in telemedicine, virtual reality, computer games, and sign language studies. The focus is placed on (1) how to select an appropriate set of postures having a satisfactory level of discrimination power, and (2) comparison of(More)
A new approach for document image analysis and verification is presented. The approach utilizes connected component analysis and geometric properties of labelled regions for region of interest extraction. Document images containing Persian/Arabic text combined with English text, headlines, ruling lines, trade mark and cursive signature are used as a test(More)
Autonomous navigation is seen as a vital tool in harnessing the enormous potential of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and small robotic vehicles for both military and civilian use. Even though, laser based scanning solutions for simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) is considered as the most reliable for depth estimation, they are not feasible for use in(More)