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Triggering of eosinophil secretory and cytotoxic functions by stimulation of the IgG and IgE FcR is thought to have major importance in the pathophysiology of tissue eosinophilia. We studied the ability of human rIL-4 to regulate this triggering event in human eosinophils. At doses ranging from 0.1 to 10 pg/ml, IL-4 suppressed eosinophil secretion of(More)
Recent evidence confirms that cytokines such as IL-1, IL-4, IL-5, and GM-CSF may enhance or inhibit eosinophil function. Functions that are susceptible to modulation include eosinophil-mediated antibody-dependent damage of helminthic parasites, oxidative metabolism and degranulation. We have employed IgG and IgE-coated Sepharose beads to investigate(More)
Eosinophils possess both oxygen-dependent and oxygen-independent mechanisms for damaging helminthic parasites such as schistosomula. We have studied the release of the granular enzymes beta-glucuronidase and arylsulfatase to evaluate the oxidative requirement for degranulation. Both ionophore-mediated and immunoglobulin G-mediated release of granular(More)
  • Yeshwant Kumar Anandan, Prathulya Vaidyanath, Prashaanth Baskar, Sabapathy Yogeeswaran Kanag
  • 2016
Test results obtained by studying the influence of epoxy coated E-glass fibre composites on the compressive and splitting tensile strengths of concrete are reported in the paper. Three grades of concrete and varying fibre volume fractions (0.5 %, 1 %, 1.5 % and 2 %) were used as test variables. It was observed that the maximum compressive strength was(More)
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