Prasert Sampoonachot

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The technics of immunodiffusion and the fluorescent leprosy antibody absorption (FLA-ABS) test were used to determine the levels of immunoglobulins and their antibody activities against Mycobacterium leprae in the serum and the saliva collected from a total of 110 patients with leprosy (50 lepromatous, 24 borderline, and 36 tuberculoid). The average levels(More)
In the year 2002, leprosy situation in Thailand has been steadily progress. However, the prevalence rate and percentage of leprosy patients are still quite high in the North-Eastern part of Thailand. Therefore, we have focused our plan of action 2001-2 on "The strengthening of Leprosy Elimination and Prevention of Disability in the North-Eastern Region."(More)
There is a need for a simple, sensitive, and specific test for the serodiagnosis of leprosy. A passive hemagglutination (PHA) test for leprosy was developed to meet these requirements. A synthetic disaccharide, conjugated to bovine serum albumin and specific for the phenolic glycolipid of Mycobacterium leprae, was sensitized to aldehyde preserved and tanned(More)
Three-thousand-fourteen leprosy house-hold contacts in Thailand were surveyed by their personal history, physical examination, and immunological tests. The results were compared with those obtained from villagers in leprosy-endemic and nonendemic areas. The percentages of young people, students, children and grandchildren of the patient, the contacts of(More)
The results of combined chemotherapy trials with regimens containing ofloxacin and rifampicin for the treatment of 60 multibacillary leprosy cases from January 1989 to September 1995 was reported. Clinical improvement was achieved by all regimens from the end of the first month. Most patients continued to improve for 3 years. Bacterial indices were(More)
The results of ofloxacin containing combined drug regimens in the treatment of 60 multibacillary leprosy cases from January 1989 to June 1995 are reported. The objective of the trial is to compare the antileprotic property of ofloxacin and rifampicin in multibacillary leprosy patients and to study the killing rate of M. leprae by ofloxacin and rifampicin(More)
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