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Proteins and amino acids are important biomolecules which regulate key metabolic pathways and serve as precursors for synthesis of biologically important substances; moreover, amino acids are building blocks of proteins. Fish is an important dietary source of quality animal proteins and amino acids and play important role in human nutrition. In the present(More)
Lipids are important structural components of cell membranes and have profound effect on membrane fluidity. Lipid profiling and lipidomics have captured increased attention due to the well-recognized roles of lipids in numerous human diseases. Investigating lipid profiles not only provides insights into the specific roles of lipid molecular species in(More)
Osteobrama belangeri is an important medium carp endemic to Manipur state in India Myanmar and Yunnan Province of China. Although the species is listed as Near Threatened species according to IUCN status with sizeable population available in Myanmar, it is Extinct in the Wild in Manipur. An 842 bp segment ATP synthase 6/8 region of mtDNA was sequenced and(More)
The population structure and genetic diversity of Rohu (Labeo rohita Hamilton, 1822) was studied by analysis of the partial sequences of mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b region. We examined 133 samples collected from six locations in three geographically isolated rivers of India. Analysis of 11 haplotypes showed low haplotype diversity (0.00150), nucleotide(More)
Bijay Kumar Behera,a Priyanka Das,a Jitendra Maharana,a Prasenjit Paria,a Shambhu Nath Mandal,a Dharmendra Kumar Meena,a Anil Prakash Sharma,b Rijith Jayarajan,c Vishal Dixit,c Ankit Verma,c Shamsudheen Karuthedath Vellarikkal,c,e Vinod Scaria,d,e Sridhar Sivasubbu,c,e Atmakuri Ramakrishna Rao,f Trilochan Mohapatrag Biotechnology Laboratory, ICAR-Central(More)
Catla (Catla catla) is a one of the most harvested Indian major carps and is widely cultured fish species in Indian subcontinent. In the present study, genetic variability between hatchery and wild stocks of Catla was surveyed using sequence data of mitochondrial DNA of partial 307 bp of cytochrome b region. A total of 174 Catla individuals were examined(More)
Halomonas salina strain CIFRI1 is an extremely salt-stress-tolerant bacterium isolated from the salt crystals of the east coast of India. Here we report the annotated 3.45-Mb draft genome sequence of strain CIFRI1 having 86 contigs with 3,139 protein coding loci, including 62 RNA genes.
A 307 bp segment of Cytochrome b gene of mtDNA was sequenced and analyzed for 90 individuals of Cirrhinus mrigala collected across the three rivers, namely Ganges, Narmada and Brahmaputra. Analyses revealed the presence of 14 haplotypes with haplotype diversity (h) ranging from 0.304 to 0.692, and nucleotide diversity (π) 0.002-0.043. The majority of(More)
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