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With the rapid advancements in information and communication technology in the world, crimes committed are also becoming technically intensive. When crimes committed use digital devices, forensic examiners have to adopt practical frameworks and methods for recovering data for analysis as evidence. Data Generation, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, are the(More)
Mining useful knowledge from corpus of data has become an important application in many fields. Data mining algorithms like clustering, classification work on this data and provide crisp information for analysis. As these data are available through various channels into public domain, privacy for the owners of the data is increasing need. Though privacy can(More)
Privacy Preserving in Data Mining is a very important area which deals with hiding an individual's sensitive data without affecting the usability of data. In this paper, we put forward a technique to provide privacy preservation of sensitive data based on the semantic context. Our approach encapsulates various techniques of Text-processing, keyphrase(More)
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