Prasanta Kumar Swain

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This paper investigates an analytical model of a channel allocation algorithm with a finite population of users in mobile cellular networks. The recursive formulas are derived for the new call blocking and handoff dropping probabilities of the Finite Population Fractional Guard Channel policies. The Fractional Guard Channel policy reserves a non-integral(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is a very emerging technology since they find application in many different areas including multimedia transmission which require high voluminous data transfer. An important issue related to WSN is limited availability of energy, which need much attention during network design. This paper focuses on network design issues in(More)
With enormous growth of wireless communication technologies, mobile phone plays an important role in future development of ubiquitous network. New cellular devices are equipped with powerful computing, communicating and storage facilities which will improve scalability, energy efficiency and decrease packet delay, etc. The performance metrics like coverage,(More)
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