Prasanta Kumar Raul

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Earthworms can accumulate heavy metals in their intestines to a great extent. Impact of feed materials and duration of metal exposure on natural activity of earthworms are rather unclear; this investigation therefore addresses the impact of metal rich Tea Factory Coal Ash (TFCA) on reproduction, composting and metal accumulation ability of Eisenia fetida(More)
Human populace of Assam, India repeatedly exposed to high concentration of iron in groundwater results in adverse health effects like hemochromatosis, liver cirrhosis and siderosis. In the present study, human hair and nail analysis were carried out to establish a possible relationship between iron toxicity and its deposition among the residents. Nail and(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of the expected running duration or distance on ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) and estimated time limit (ETL) values. Thirty-nine males performed an incremental test to measure their maximal aerobic velocity (MAV). Then, the subjects realised a constant velocity test (90 % MAV) to determine their(More)
Anemia is a frequent problem in both the primary and secondary health care programs. In contrast, most areas of northeast India are vulnerable to iron toxicity. In the present study, we documented the effect of administration of iron rich water on hemolytic anemia in a Wistar rats' animal model. Hemolytic anemia was induced by phenyl hydrazine through(More)
Isotope investigation of reflex sympathetic dystrophy is not limited to an evaluation of bony up-take, it also includes examination of the early dynamic scintigraphy of the vessels. The late views of bone scans reflect, above all, the bone's affinity for phosphate complexes i.e. the degree of osteoblast activity. Generally, dystrophies, independent of their(More)