Prasanta Kumar Nandi

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Data embedding in digital images involves a trade off relationship among imperceptibility, robustness, data security and embedding rate etc. Genetic Algorithms (GA) can be used to achieve optimal solution in this multidimensional nonlinear problem of conflicting nature. The use of the tool has been explored very little in this topic of research. The current(More)
Most of the digital image watermarking techniques use pixel values, frequency or other transform coefficients to embed information without considering the perceptually significant portion of the cover. The present work selects the perceptually significant region of the cover and embeds data in the transform coefficients in order to design low-cost robust(More)
Due to the advancement in digital wireless communication 3rd/future generation mobile communication system expects to offer multimedia services and applications with negotiated end-to-end quality assurance. Hence devising a simple and effective billing system related to the quality of services (QoS) supplied becomes essential to the service providers. The(More)
This paper reports a comprehensive solution for the problem of test and diagnosis of OTA based analog circuits. Based on the parametric deviation of circuit components, a test and diagnosis methodology is proposed. Compressed signature generated out of multiple performance parameters has resulted in significant enhancement in fault diagnosing capability.(More)
—The paper presents low cost spatial image watermarking scheme where inherent anti jamming and interference rejection property of spread spectrum modulation is utilized to provide robustness against image distortions and malicious attempts to remove or tamper with the watermark. The use of error correction code allows a trade-off between degree of(More)