Prasant Kumar Mahapatra

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In an earlier publication by Chattoraj et al. [Biophysical Chemistry 63 (1996) 37], a generalized equation for standard free energy of (delta G0) interaction of surfactant, inorganic salts and aqueous solvent with protein, forming a single phase has been deduced on strict thermodynamic grounds. In the present paper, this equation has been utilized to(More)
Hydration of powdered fatty acids and their salts has been studied both in presence and absence of neutral salts, sucrose and urea using the isopiestic vapour pressure technique. Moles of water vapour adsorbed per mole or kg of soaps like sodium palmitate, sodium stearate, sodium myristate and sodium laurate have been measured in presence and absence of(More)
Using the isopiestic vapour pressure technique, the magnitudes of excess binding of water and NaCl per mole of twenty different poly-L-amino acid residues, respectively in the presence of different bulk molefractions (X2) of NaCl have been evaluated from the mathematical expressions for the Gibbs surface excesses. At certain high ranges of NaCl(More)
This paper presents a comparison of Bat and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithms for optimization of lathe tool positional error in a developed machine vision system for determination of lathe tool position and verification. Bat algorithm is based on echolocation behavior of bats while PSO is inspired by social behavior of birds flocking in search(More)
Tool positioning and its error optimization are gaining considerable importance in engineering applications. A number of machine vision systems have been developed for tool wear and conditioning assessment. A machine vision system for lathe tool position and verification was developed. To evaluate the performance of developed system, images of lathe tool(More)