Prasanna Venkatesh Kannan

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We describe an iterative site-based method for estimating the impulse response of optical wireless channels. The method allows for the simultaneous evaluation of channels for many receiver or transmitter locations, thus providing significantly improved calculation times. A simple geometrical model of indoor environments is presented which includes interior(More)
  • P. Kannan
  • 2007
IO buffers serve in interfacing core circuits in a system on chip and signals originating in the core to external world devices. LVCMOS standard buffers are general purpose IOs providing the single ended interface. In deep sub-micron technology nodes such as the 65 nm and beyond, issues such as short channel effects, hot carrier effect, NBTI, gate oxide(More)
A filter cache is proposed at a higher level than the L1 (main) cache in the memory hierarchy and is much smaller. The typical size of filter cache is of the order of 512 Bytes. Prediction algorithms popularly based upon the Next Fetch Prediction Table (NFPT) helps making the choice between the filter cache and the main cache. In this paper we introduce a(More)
networks need reliable transmission architecture that ensures acceptable recovery of data cells, which are exposed to delays and losses affecting the video quality. The architecture needs to employ an effective encoding for meeting the QoS requirements of high bandwidth demanding applications such as the high fidelity video transmission. This paper applies(More)
This Project deals with an Embedded Z-source inverter to control the three phase induction motor. The Z-source inverters are recent topological options for buck–boost energy conversion with a number of possible voltage and current-type circuitries. The common advantage of Z-source inverter and Embedded Z-source inverter is the inclusion of an LC impedance(More)
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