Prasanna Sivaprakasam

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In classical control of brushless dc motors, flux distribution is assumed trapezoidal and fed current is controlled rectangular to obtain a desired constant torque. However, in reality this assumption may not be correct due to non-uniformity of magnetic materials and design trade-offs. These factors together with current controller limitation, can lead to(More)
In the last two decades, there is magnetism in the use of internet and Communication Technology in the field of Mobile Ad Hoc Network. It motivates the researchers to turn over in those areas. There were some algorithms proposed for electing the efficient Clusterheads. Clusterheads are having more responsibilities like to minimize the re-affiliation,(More)
Fourth Generation (4G) is the evolving mobile technology, supporting up to 1 Gbit/s bandwidth for fixed gadgets and 100 Mbit/s for mobiles, and is reported to be more secure than 3G and 4G. Also supports IPv6 in addition to many added features. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) is the technology deployed for good quality as well as speedy access to the(More)
Load Balancing is essential for cloud environments. Many balancing algorithms were suggested to provide efficient mechanisms and algorithms for assigning the client's requests to available Cloud nodes. Our proposed method proves more efficient in the cloud environment. The proposed method deals the resource level of each VM. The resource level is consider(More)
This article presents Bayesian Classifier which controls the levels set segmentation and it detect the retinal clots at an early stage from the image captured from fundus camera. The classifier is a probabilistic and used for the control of level set contour propagation for the detection of class clot defined, extracting the retinal vessels even with minute(More)
In today's world, people get affected by many diseases which cannot be completely cured. Diabetes is one such disease and is now a big growing health problem. It leads to the risk of heart attack, kidney failure and renal disease. The techniques of data mining have been widely applied to extract knowledge from medical databases. In this paper, we evaluated(More)
The activity and the ability of brain to maintain the state of calmness in individuals practicing meditation has been a subject of research from long time. The aim of the study here is to prove that the meditation aids in retaining the state of calmness of brain. A MATLAB based multifaceted framework is developed for analyzing the dataset of brain EEG of(More)
HIV-1 gp120 undergoes multiple conformational changes both before and after binding to the host CD4 receptor. BMS-626529 is an attachment inhibitor (AI) in clinical development (administered as prodrug BMS-663068) that binds to HIV-1 gp120. To investigate the mechanism of action of this new class of antiretroviral compounds, we constructed homology models(More)
There is a rapid development of World Wide Web in its volume of traffic and the size and complexity of web sites. In this paper, a new approach is presented based on hybrid clustering methods for Web Usage Mining (WUM). The WUM process contains three steps: pre-processing, data mining and result analysis. First, it gives a brief description of the WUM(More)