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Evaluation-Relaxation Schemes for Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms
This study investigates one such class of efficiency-enhancement technique called evaluation relaxation. Expand
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Considerations in designing a marine- mammal-ship collision avoidance system based on aerial imagery by an unmanned airborne vehicle
We describe the choice of parameters involved in designing a system in which an unmanned airborne vehicle using a camera relays image data to a nearby ship where a human, possibly with the help of a recognition system, is alerted to the possibility of a collision with a whale or other large marine mammal. Expand
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A Methodology for Fast Thermodynamic Computation of Mixed Composition Streams : Application to Subsea Pipeline Modelling
We consider the problem of simulating a multiphase pipeline network with streams of various compositions, and subsea separators. An explicit, algebraic thermodynamic model has been developed forExpand
Mitochondrial Uncoupling protein-2 regulates NLRP3 inflammasome
Among the various types of inflammasomes, NLR family, pyrin domain containing 3 (NLRP3) senses a wide variety of stimuli. Inappropriate NLRP3 inflammasome activities have been reported in acute lun...
Simulating Perdido's transient engineering
Increased uncertainties about operating in ultra-deepwater typically result in over-designed production systems with resulting increased costs. Prasanna Parthasarathy and Kellin Nelson of MSi KennyExpand