Prasanna Kumar Mishra

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A new model is presented for a step-index fiber in the form of an equivalent slab guiding structure. This model simplifies the analysis of fiber directional couplers and coupler half-blocks with dielectric and metallic superstrates. Simple empirical formulas to obtain the model parameters are also given. The use of this model is illustrated with some(More)
A new method for obtaining the propagation characteristics of single-mode optical waveguides with rectangular cross section is presented. The method is based on the scalar variational principle using the cosine-exponential trial field. This form of trial field leads to the definition of equivalent guiding structures consisting of homogeneous slab(More)
The present experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of vitamin E and C supplementation on the antioxidant status of broiler breeder hens during summer. Two hundred seventy broiler breeder birds (coloured) were divided into nine groups with three replicates having 10 birds in each, and were supplemented two levels of antioxidant vitamins E (250 mg(More)
AIM The present study was conducted to investigate the important climatic variables affecting production and reproduction in a broiler breeder flock. MATERIALS AND METHODS The experiment was conducted for a period of 1 year on colored synthetic female line male and female poultry birds. 630 female progeny and 194 male progenies from 69 sires and 552 dams(More)
AIM The experiment was carried out to evaluate different external and internal egg quality traits and to figure out their mode of inheritance from a set of hierarchically classified data. MATERIALS AND METHODS The data collected from 548 progenies (1 egg from each progeny) of 282 dams mated to 47 sires (1 sire mated to 6 dams) of a White Leghorn flock(More)
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