Prasanna Kannappan

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Automating the counting of marine animals like scallops benefits marine population survey efforts. These surveys are tools for policy makers to regulate fishing activities, and sources of information for biologists and marine ecologists interested in population statistics of marine species. In this paper we discuss some practical difficulties that arise in(More)
The paper demonstrates that aspects of resilience of supervisory Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) can be improved through the inclusion of appropriate learning modules in the subordinate autonomous agents. During normal operation, individual agents keep track of their supervisor's commands and utilize the learning module, based on Grammatical Inference, to(More)
1 Acknowledgments 1 The authors extend thanks to the captain and crew of the f/v Christian and Alexa. This work 2 grew out of a project with Dr. Bill Phoel (deceased) and his guiding vision and enthusiasm 3 has carried this work forward. Special thanks are also extended to Scott Gallager and Amber Abstract 10 The paper presents an algorithmic framework for(More)
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