Prasanna K Thwar

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Proteins crystallization is a commonly used technique for protein analysis. It predicts the three-dimensional (3D) arrangement of the constituent amino acids, which indicates the specific biological function of a protein. Protein crystallization experiments are typically carried out in well-plates; as a result, these experiments are slow, expensive, and(More)
Amphetamine and its derivatives are important drugs of abuse causing both short-term excitatory and long-term addictive effects. The short-term excitatory effects are linked to amphetamine's ability to maintain high levels of dopamine (DA) outside the cell both by inhibiting DA reuptake after synaptic transmission and by enhancing the efflux of DA from the(More)
The feasibility of implementing pyrosequencing chemistry within droplets using electrowetting-based digital microfluidics is reported. An array of electrodes patterned on a printed-circuit board was used to control the formation, transportation, merging, mixing, and splitting of submicroliter-sized droplets contained within an oil-filled chamber. A(More)
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