Prasanna Ballal

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A new application architecture is designed for continuous, real-time, distributed wireless sensor networks. We develop a wireless sensor network for machinery condition-based maintenance (CBM) in small machinery spaces using commercially available products. We develop a hardware platform, networking architecture, and medium access communication protocol. We(More)
This paper uses a novel discrete-event controller (DEC) for the coordination of cooperating heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (WSNs) containing both unattended ground sensors (UGSs) and mobile sensor robots. The DEC sequences the most suitable tasks for each agent and assigns sensor resources according to the current perception of the environment. A(More)
1. Introduction Wireless sensor networks are one of the first real-world examples of pervasive computing [1, 14, 24]. Small, smart, and cheap sensing devices will eventually permeate a certain environment and, suitably coordinated, will automatically recognize the present context and accordingly readjust their behavior. Smart environments represent the next(More)
—This paper has three contributions. First, we develop a low-cost test-bed for simulating bearing faults in a motor. In Aerospace applications, it is important that motor fault signatures are identified before a failure occurs. It is known that 40% of mechanical failures occur due to bearing faults. Bearing faults can be identified from the motor vibration(More)
  • PRAMOD SAWANT, Rahul P. Sawant, Tukaram Vagh Sawant, Pratap Babaji Kadam, Dan Popa, Pallavi Pramod Sawant +6 others
  • 2007
iii To my grandfather Tukaram Vagh Sawant and my maternal uncle Pratap Babaji Kadam iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my supervising professor Dr. Qilian Liang for encouraging and motivating me during my research study. I would also like to thank him for his advice in my thesis. I am indebted to Dr. Dan Popa for his guidance, invaluable advice and(More)
The third year of the PSI project was marked with increased effort in translating research ideas to full-fledged prototype development in overlapping domains of Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer and Network Security, Pervasive Computing, Machine Learning, and Databases. We have made significant gains in mission programming and decision making logic of(More)
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