Prasad S Bhosale

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Liquid marbles have opened up several potential applications including biochemical batch reaction engineering and gas sensing. To be successful candidates in these applications, the ability to prepare liquid marbles of controlled sizes and in a continuous process is crucial. This has been the missing link in the science leading to these applications. In the(More)
The technique of acoustic spectroscopy offers some significant advantages over conventional techniques, such as dynamic light scattering and differential sedimentation (centrifugation), for the characterization of colloidal dispersions in that it does not require that the systems be highly dilute and transparent. Another advantage of the method may derived(More)
We report a simple evaporation process using liquid marbles as precursors to produce high sphericity, precisely diameter controlled polyelectrolyte microspheres. We use poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) (PDDA) as the test polyelectrolyte for this experimental study. We present measurements of the rate of mass loss during evaporation to demonstrate(More)
This study examines the electroacoustics of particles dispersed in polymer hydrogels, with the particle size either less than or greater than the gel mesh size. When the particles are smaller than the gel mesh size, their acoustic vibration is resisted by only the background water medium, and the measured dynamic electrophoretic mobility, μ(d) (obtained in(More)
The effect of poly (acrylic acid) (PAA) adsorption on the electrokinetic behavior of alumina dispersions under high pH conditions was investigated as a function of polymer concentration and molecular weight as well as the presence, concentration and ion type of background electrolyte. Systems of this type are relevant to nuclear waste treatment, in which(More)
Bridge-flocculated colloidal gels are used in many important processes and products such as gel casting for advanced ceramics, precursor inks for 3D printing, and waste treatment strategies. An important aspect of polymer bridged gels that makes them excellent candidates for these applications is the precise control it affords for control of rheological(More)
Postsynthesis processing of nanoparticles to obtain mesoscale hierarchal nanostructures is the key for the development of nanotechnology and smart composites/coatings from these materials. We have utilized gas-expanded liquid deposition of alkyl-coated gold nanoparticles to study the effects of variable process flowrates, variable flow oscillation and(More)
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