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Gene therapy holds a great promise and has been extensively investigated to improve bone formation and regeneration therapies in bone tissue engineering. A variety of osteogenic genes can be delivered by combining different vectors (viral or non-viral), scaffolds and delivery methodologies. Ex vivo & in vivo gene enhanced tissue engineering approaches have(More)
The ability to safely and effectively transfer gene into cells is the fundamental goal of gene delivery. In spite of the best efforts of researchers around the world, gene therapy has limited success. This may be because of several limitations of delivering gene which is one of the greatest technical challenges in the modern medicine. To address these(More)
Various delivery strategies, involving siRNA as a therapeutic tool for gene silencing, have been highlighted through several investigations all over the world. One such medical target, where the siRNA-based therapies have been immensely explored and have met with considerable success, is the area of pulmonary disorders. Lung diseases have presented(More)
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