Prasad Kulkarni

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The Semantic Web is an emerging technology which aims at making data across the globe semantically connected. The data is represented in a very simple statement-like construct having a subject, predicate and an object. This can be visualized as a graph with the subject and the object as nodes and the predicate as an edge connecting the two nodes. When many(More)
— Electroencephalography (EEG) measures the electrical activity of the brain and represents a summation of post-synaptic potentials from a large number of neurons. Over a past few decades many researches all over the world, focusing and working to automate the analysis of EEG signals to identify and categorized the diseases. In this paper, we present a(More)
We describe a patient with an unusual clinical presentation of progressive multiple cranial nerve palsies, cerebellar ataxia, and palatal tremor (PT) resulting from an unknown etiology. Magnetic resonance imaging showed evidence of hypertrophy of the inferior olivary nuclei, brain stem atrophy, and marked cerebellar atrophy. This combination of progressive(More)
Internet and web services have seen widespread adoption in recent years and are now tightly integrated into society's daily activities. An important emerging part of the Internet is clouds that provide low-cost configurable computing resources, allowing businesses to reduce their hardware, software, and personnel costs. Increasingly, enterprises now use(More)
Induction motors are used worldwide as the " workhorse " in industrial applications. Although, these electromechanical devices are highly reliable, susceptible to many types of faults. Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of induction motors are of great importance in production lines. It can significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and the risk of(More)
Abstract Electroencephalography (EEG) is a clinical test which records neuro-electrical activities generated by brain structures. EEG test results used to monitor brain diseases such as epilepsy seizure, brain tumours, toxic encephalopathies infections and cerebrovascular disorders. Due to the extreme variation in the EEG morphologies, manual analysis of(More)
Original Article The Brain tumor is life threatening disease of brain. The brain contains about 10 Billion or more working brain cells. Damazied brain cells are diagnosed themselves by dividing to make more cells. Normally, this turnover takes place in an orderly and controlled manner. If, for some reason, the process gets out of control, the cells will(More)
In this paper path planning and obstacle avoidance for a statically stable biped robot using PRM and reinforcement learning is discussed. The main objective of the paper is to compare these two methods of path planning for applications involving a biped robot. The statically stable biped robot under consideration is a 4-degree of freedom walking robot that(More)
The Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) is widely used in communication systems applications. The FFT operation is performed by Digital signal processor (DSP). This paper presents the architecture of Digital signal processors designed using VHDL to compute the FFT suitable for communication applications. The processor has 32 bit address and data bus, on chip(More)
Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) applications are real-time applications that have special timing constraints. Hierarchical Group Scheduling (HGS) is a real-time scheduling framework that allows developers implement custom schedulers based on any scheduling algorithm through a process of direct interaction between client threads and their sched-ulers. Such(More)