Prasad Burra

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The leucocyte adhesion molecule intercellular adhesion molecule-1 is induced on bile ducts in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis and may be involved in targeting immune damage to these structures. It has recently been reported that, when activated, in vitro lymphocytes release a soluble form of intercellular adhesion(More)
BACKGROUND A prospective, open-label, study was conducted at 29 centers in 9 countries, involving 307 de novo liver transplant patients to compare the clinical usefulness of monitoring 2-hr post-dose cyclosporine (CsA) levels (C2) with conventional trough cyclosporine blood levels (pre-dose) (C0). METHODS Neoral oral therapy was initiated at 15 mg/kg/day(More)
Mre11 nuclease plays a central role in the repair of cytotoxic and mutagenic DNA double-strand breaks. As X-ray structural information has been available only for the Pyrococcus furiosus enzyme (PfMre11), the conserved and variable features of this nuclease across the domains of life have not been experimentally defined. Our crystal structure and(More)
ECX21941 represents a very large family (over 600 members) of novel, ocean metagenome-specific proteins identified by clustering of the dataset from the Global Ocean Sampling expedition. The crystal structure of ECX21941 reveals unexpected similarity to Sm/LSm proteins, which are important RNA-binding proteins, despite no detectable sequence similarity. The(More)
Alcoholic liver disease is associated with abnormalities in circulating levels of thyroid, adrenal and gonadal steroid hormones. The relative importance of ethanol consumption and severity of liver disease in the aetiology of these changes and their relationship to clinical abnormalities are unclear. We studied 31 subjects with alcohol-induced liver disease(More)
Alcoholic hepatitis is characterized by hepatocyte necrosis associated with infiltration of the liver parenchyma by neutrophils. The mechanisms responsible for recruiting neutrophils to the liver are unknown. We report high circulating levels and tissue expression of the endothelial adhesion molecule E-selectin in alcoholic hepatitis. Because expression of(More)
We examined the management and outcome of 15 patients admitted consecutively to a specialist Liver Unit with severe alcoholic hepatitis complicated by renal failure. Fourteen patients were managed conservatively. Of these, 11/14 underwent renal dialysis for a mean of 24 days. Three patients, including two requiring dialysis, recovered renal function.(More)
BioInt, a biological programming application framework and interpreter, is an attempt to equip the researchers with seamless integration, efficient extraction and effortless analysis of the data from various biological databases and algorithms. Based on the type of biological data, algorithms and related functionalities, a biology-specific framework was(More)