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Patients with Liver disease have been continuously increasing because of excessive consumption of alcohol, inhale of harmful gases, intake of contaminated food, pickles and drugs. Automatic classification tools may reduce burden on doctors. This paper evaluates the selected classification algorithms for the classification of some liver patient datasets. The(More)
The rate of the growth the web has been exponential in the past two decades. The advances that took place in the software and hardware particularly in the past decade are one of the vital factors for the advent growth of data on web. Web mining is application of data mining techniques to discover patterns from the web. Search engine is a software(More)
A variety of new applications may be developed using the valuable and tremendous amount of web resources and the web applications that are available in the Internet. To interact with other systems, these web applications needs a standard structured format like XML in developing internet and the web information systems, including web service systems. The(More)
In this paper, we have proposed a novel structure in Micro Level to detect Parkinson's Disease at early stage. We have designed the proposed structure using FEM tool i.e Comsol Multi-Physics by utilizing capacitive actuation technique. The Simulations are done on capacitive based micro structure by changing the proof mass of the material. It is observed(More)
In modern medical applications data mining techniques are very popular and produce accurate results, diagnosing a liver disease is a complicated process that largely depends on the doctor's knowledge, experience, ability to evaluate the patient's current test results and analyse risk factors that might be causation of illness. Therefore, a need for system(More)
The tremendous growth in the volume of data and with the terrific growth of number of web pages, traditional search engines now a days are not appropriate and not suitable anymore. Search engine is the most important tool to discover any information in World Wide Web. Semantic Search Engine is born of traditional search engine to overcome the above problem.(More)
Collaborative filtering (CF) systems have been proven to be very effective for personalized and accurate recommendations. These systems are based on the Recommendations of previous ratings by various users and products. Since the present database is very sparse, the missing values are considered first and based on that, a complete prediction dataset are(More)