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The collection of driving habits data is gaining momentum as vehicle telematics based solutions become popular in consumer markets such as auto-insurance and driver assistance services. These solutions rely on driving features such as time of travel, speed, and braking to assess accident risk and driver safety. Given the privacy issues surrounding the(More)
Location privacy in emerging location-based applications has been the center of extensive research in the past decade. While a number of efficient models and algorithms have been proposed over the years, majority of them were designed assuming a thin client model of computing. As a result, the dependence on third party systems, or the requirement for(More)
Location privacy preservation algorithms for nearby points-of-interest (POI) search have evolved in the recent years. However, a majority of the proposals assume that points of interests are ranked only by distance, and demand extensive architectural changes. As a result, a significant gap remains between academic proposals and the industry standard of(More)
Emergency evacuations during disasters minimize loss of lives and injuries. It is not surprising that emergency evacuation preparedness is mandatory for organizations in many jurisdictions. In the case of corporations, this requirement translates to considerable expenses, consisting of construction costs, equipment, recruitment, retention and training. In(More)
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