Prasad Anjangi

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Underwater acoustic networking research often demands the design of protocols and algorithms that enable a wide range of applications. In spite of research efforts over past decades, practical protocol design is still a challenge. We present the design, implementation and testing of Super-TDMA protocol which exploits the large propagation delay in(More)
The potential of exploiting large propagation delays in underwater acoustic (UWA) networks to maximize the network throughput is established in the recent past. Transmission scheduling strategies have been proposed to take advantage of large propagation delay. Super-TDMA is one among such Medium Access Control (MAC) strategies proposed. It is a form of Time(More)
In a recent work, a regular grid-based network topology with multihop relaying was investigated. A transmission strategy which maximizes the throughput while exploiting the large propagation delay was presented, and the upper bound on throughput established. However, deployments of communication nodes in the ocean inevitably result in slight positional(More)
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