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An oscilloscopic plus a graphic method of recording of the stapedius muscle reflex has revealed peculiar modifications in the latency, threshold, and shape of development of the reflex in cases of brain-stem impairment. Many subjects have been examined who were affected by nucleo-reticular vestibular syndrome, vascular insufficiency, disseminated sclerosis,(More)
This report examines clinical features of 'pure' dysthymic disorder (DD, without superimposed major depressive disorder, MDD) in a sample of children and adolescents. Profiles of symptomatology and comorbidity as a function of age and gender are described. The sample consisted of 48 subjects (22 males, 26 females, age range 7-18 years, mean age 12.1 years)(More)
Chronic exposure to insulin of confluent cells of a preadipocyte clonal line (Ob17) leads to an acceleration of their development into adipose cells. The short-term effects of insulin have been examined by the stimulation of [14C] alpha-aminoisobutyrate uptake and the long-term effects by the increase in the activity levels of several lipogenic enzymes and(More)
This study investigated the symptomatology and comorbidity of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in a clinically referred sample of Italian children and adolescents as a function of age and gender. The sample consisted of 58 subjects (19 children and 39 adolescents), 23 males and 35 females screened from consecutively referred children and adolescents. This(More)
One hundred consecutive cancer patients were assessed using two structured methods for assessing major depressive disorder-Structured Clinical Interview for DSM III-R (SCID) and Endicott criteria-and using a depression rating scale-Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAMD). Forty-nine percent of patients were depressed using SCID (DSM III-R criteria), whereas(More)
Applied individually, the conventional audiometric tests are unsatisfactory in the diagnosis of retrocochlear disorders. An accurate identification of a retrocochlear lesion, however, is not always possible using a single test, and only an appropriate test battery provides the basis for correct prediction of a retrocochlear lesion. Because of this(More)
Ambient seismic noise correlations are widely used for high-resolution surface-wave imaging of Earth's lithosphere. Similar observations of the seismic body waves that propagate through the interior of Earth would provide a window into the deep Earth. We report the observation of the mantle transition zone through noise correlations of P waves as they are(More)
  • P Poli, H A Pedersen, M Campillo, Polenet Lapnet Working, Group
  • 2012
4 SUMMARY 5 Ambient noise correlation is now widely used in seismology to obtain the surface 6 waves part of the Green's function. More difficult is the extraction of body waves from noise 7 correlations. Using 42 temporary broad-band three components stations located on the 8 northern part of fennoscandian region, we identify high frequency (0.5-2 Hz) body(More)
Recent literature demonstrates the relationship between psychopathology and medically unexplained pain, even if the results of several studies show a high degree of variability. The present study was planned with the aim of analysing both the possible relationship between the level (low/high) of organicity and the presence of psychopathology, and the degree(More)
School difficulties and learning disorders in adolescence can become significant risk factors for psychopathology. This study investigates emotional and cognitive patterns in adolescents with school difficulties. Four clinical conditions that can determine adolescence-onset learning disorders are outlined. These are adolescent turmoil, intellectual(More)