Prantik Maity

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C(alpha)-tetrasubstituted alpha-amino acids are widely used to design and prepare peptides and peptide mimics with constrained conformations. Subcategories of these compounds are cyclic C(alpha)-tetrasubstituted alpha-amino acids, in which both alpha-substituents are covalently connected. This survey presents recent advances in the synthesis and application(More)
The terphenyl structure has been proven to be an ideal scaffold mimicking side-chain functionalities of peptidic alpha-helices. The synthesis of 1,4-dipiperazino benzenes, using stepwise transition metal-catalyzed N-arylation of chiral piperazines to a central benzene core is reported. The structure determination by X-ray crystallography reveals a(More)
The synthesis of tetrahydrofuran Calpha-tetrasubstituted amino acids (TAAs) and their effect on the conformation in small peptides are reported. The synthesis starts from the protein amino acid methionine, which is protected at the C and N terminus and converted into the corresponding sulfonium salt by alkylation. Simple base treatment in the presence of an(More)
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