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— A distributed algorithm to achieve accurate time synchronization in large multihop wireless networks is presented. The central idea is to exploit the large number of global constraints that have to be satisfied by a common notion of time in a multihop network. If, at a certain instant, Oij is the clock offset between two neighboring nodes i and j, then(More)
In adaptive control, a standard approach is to resort to the so-called certainty equivalence principle which consists in generating some standard parameter estimate and then using it in the control law as if it were the true parameter. As a consequence of this philosophy, the estimation problem is decoupled from the control problem and this The rst author(More)
Encryption is an art of protecting data that win wars, protect properties and personal information if performed properly. It ensures that the appropriate data is exchanged between the intended persons only; even if the eavesdroppers get the content of the data they should not be able to understand it. Chakra Algorithm is a symmetric key encryption(More)
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