Praneeth Reddy Nimmala

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The preparation of gold nanomolecules with sizes other than Au(25)(SR)(18), Au(38)(SR)(24), Au(102)(SR)(44), and Au(144)(SR)(60) has been hampered by stability issues and low yields. Here we report a procedure to prepare Au(67)(SR)(35), for either R = -SCH(2)CH(2)Ph or -SC(6)H(13), allowing high-yield isolation (34%, ~10-mg quantities) of the title(More)
High resolution ESI mass spectrometry of the "22 kDa" nanocluster reveals the presence of a mixture containing Au103(SR)45, Au104(SR)45, Au104(SR)46, and Au105(SR)46 nanoclusters, where R = -CH2CH2Ph. MALDI TOF MS data confirm the purity of the sample and a UV-vis spectrum shows minor features. Au102(SC6H5COOH)44, whose XRD crystal structure was recently(More)
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