Praneet Sharma

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The advent of near infrared imagery and it's applications in face recognition has instigated research in cross spectral (visible to near infrared) matching. Existing research has focused on extracting textural features including variants of histogram of oriented gradients. This paper focuses on studying the effectiveness of these features for cross spectral(More)
Latent Dirichlet Allocation is a widely used approach for topic modeling and it has been successfully applied in several information retrieval applications. In this paper, we introduce this modeling technique for face recognition, by making an analogy between the two domains. We utilize latent Dirichlet allocation to represent facial regions in terms of(More)
NMR Research Centre of INMAS has developed an in-house Helmholtz coil. It will be used as a component of the system for hyperpolarizing Xenon gas for MRI application. The system will be helpful in imaging low proton density area of the body such as lungs efficiently. This paper describes the mathematical approach for designing the Helmholtz coil. Structure(More)
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