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Stafne's Bone Cavity: A Diagnostic Challenge.
Stafne's bone cavity is a rare, asymptomatic, unilateral oval shaped radiolucent defect in the posterior region of the mandible below the inferior alveolar canal. The prevalence ranges from 0.10% toExpand
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Solitary peripheral osteoma of jaw – report of two rare cases
Osteoma is a benign, slow growing, rare osteogenic tumor arising from the proliferation of cancellous or compact bone. They are rarely seen in either of the jaw but commonly seen in other long bonesExpand
An interesting case of Tuberous sclerosis
Tuberous sclerosis is a genetic disorder affecting cellular differentiation, proliferation, and maturation. This cellular process gets disarranged and results in hamartomas formation in multipleExpand
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Can a Diagnosis be Ruled Out Based on One Cortisol Result? A Case Report onDelayed Diagnosis of Hypopituitarism
There are numerous potential causes for hyponatraemia including hypovolaemia; oedema; syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion; and acute episodes of Addison’s disease (hypopituitarism and adrenalExpand