Pranav Sukthankar

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In this paper it is demonstrated that pronking (or trotting or pacing) is the preferred mode of behavior of a fairly generic quadruped model. This gait often occurs even though no explicit control is used to force it, and thus the system is said to "self-organize." Further, it is demonstrated that, despite the complicated coupled nonlinear dynamics, the(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer of the alveolo-buccal complex even when locally advanced is amenable to curative resection. However, the extent of lymph node dissection remains controversial. METHODS A total of 181 patients with T3/T4 cancer of the alveolo-buccal complex who underwent a radical neck dissection (RND) were analyzed retrospectively to determine the(More)
One hundred and sixty five patients, treated with carbondioxide (CO2) laser for benign and malignant lesions of the head and neck were studied. Alveolo-buccal complex (68/165) had the majority of benign and malignant tumors followed by larynx (23/165) and tongue (21/165). All lesions were widely excised, none were reconstructed and all defects healed well(More)
A retrospective analysis of 127 surgically treated cases of T-1, T-2 carcinoma of oral tongue during the period 1987-1990 was undertaken. 68.5 per cent (87) underwent hemiglossectomy and 31.5 per cent (40) underwent wide excision. There were loco-regional recurrences in 22 per cent (27). In the hemiglossectomy group 9 per cent (8 of 87) had local(More)
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