Pranati Mishra

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Rainfall prediction is one of the most important and challenging task in the modern world. In general, climate and rainfall are highly non-linear and complicated phenomena, which require advanced computer modeling and simulation for their accurate prediction. An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) can be used to predict the behavior of such nonlinear systems.(More)
Cloud computing is the emerging internet based technology which emphasizes commercial computing. Cloud is a platform providing dynamic pool resources and virtualization. Based on a pay-as-you-go model, it enables hosting of pervasive applications from consumer, scientific, and business domains. To properly manage the resources of the service provider, load(More)
With fast evolving technology, Cognitive Science plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. Cognitive science is summed up as the study of mind based on scientific methods. It is all about the sum of all interdisciplinary like philosophy, psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and neuroscience. In this paper, I focused on the facial(More)
This paper proposes an algorithm that we named as a New Static load balancing algorithm in cloud computing. The proposed algorithm is using the concept of both Active Monitoring Load Balancing Algorithm and Throttled Load Balancing Algorithm. The detailed design, pseudo code and implementation of algorithm are also presented in this paper. The results(More)
Cloud Computing is the ultimate technology in internet. It is a means of acquiring computing possessions, making do and delivering software and services. Cloud Computing allows the customers to apply the application without set up and access their own files on any device with internet. Cloud services can be acquired at any time. The cloud service providers(More)
Optical fiber which can be used for distributed sensing are employed to study backscattered power. The concept of Brillouin backscattering is employed in the proposed method. The focus is on the relation between the backscattered power and temperature changes in the fiber due to changes in fiber surroundings. The Brillouin backscattered light signal power(More)
In the cloud computing environment, load balancing plays a vital role in improving performance of the systems. It is beneficial to use load balancing in cloud computing. Server overloading occurs due to tremendous use of internet in day to-days world. This article studies on surveys on load balancing that describes different algorithms for balancing the(More)
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