Pranad Reddy

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Duck farming is on the raise in the current scenario, but processed products from duck meat are still uncommon to find. Investigating the duck meat qualities during storage will provide information to enhance duck meat utilization. Development of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook duck meat products is expected to increase and improve non-chicken meat-based(More)
Homelessness is a large problem in the United States. One of the best solutions for this large population of unsheltered individuals lies in affordable housing, as it allows for individuals to gain substantial footing on a life free from poverty in a safe environment. However, affordable housing complexes are not only very scarce, but also the organizations(More)
We consider Lexi-Search Approach using Pattern Recognition Technique for a Travelling Sales Man Problem (TSP) in which he wants to visit m cities, where m is even. Let N be the set of n stations defined as N= {1, 2, 3, 4…n} and N1UN2=N. The city '1' taken as the home city and it is in N1. He has to starts from head quarter city {1} which is in N1 from there(More)
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