Pranabesh Mukhopadhyay

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High-throughput screening (HTS) is changing as more compounds and better assay techniques become available. HTS is also generating a large amount of data. There is a need to rationalize the HTS process, because, in some cases, the screening of all available compounds is not economically feasible. In addition to the selection of promising compounds, there is(More)
Amoebiasis, caused by an enteric protozoanEntamoeba histolytica, is one of the major parasitic diseases of mankind. Current estimate suggests that the parasite infects about 10% of the world population at any given time. There is an urgent need to characterize the antigenic molecules ofE. histolytica, and find out antigens which have both immunodiagnostic(More)
This paper focuses on the optimal power flow solution and the enhancement of the performance of a power system network. The paper presents a secured optimal power flow solution by integrating Thyristor controlled series compensator (TCSC) with the optimization model developed under overload condition. The Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO) has been(More)
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