Pranab Majumder

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Coeloginanthridin, a 9,10-dihydrophenanthrene derivative, and coeloginanthrin, the corresponding phenanthrene analogue, were isolated from the orchid Coelogyne cristata which earlier afforded coelogin (1a) and coeloginin (1b). The structures of coeloginanthridin and coeloginanthrin were established as 3,5,7-trihydroxy-1,2-dimethoxy-9,10-dihydrophenanthrene(More)
Agrostophyllinol and agrostophyllinone, two new triterpenoids, were isolated from the orchid Agrostophyllum brevipes. Agrostophyllinone was also isolated from another orchid Agrostophyllum callosum. The structures of agrostophyllinol and agrostophyllinone were established as 24-methylene-lanosta-9(11)-en-3beta-ol (5a) and 24-methylene-lanosta-9(11)-en-3-one(More)
The mechanism of formation of coumarin (1) by Perkin reaction from salicylaldehyde was shown to involve exclusively a basecatalyzed intramolecular aldol-type condensation of O-acetyl salicylaldehyde (2) as an obligatory intermediate followed by dehydration. Direct evidence in support of this contention was provided by the formation of coumarin and 3-phenyl(More)
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