Pranab Kumar Chatterjee

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Duane's retraction syndrome is a well known congenital musculo-facial anomaly. Various explanations have been given for the aetiology of this syndrome. Inverse Duane's retraction syndrome is a condition with reverse clinical features. Abduction of the affected eye is possible to some extent and is accompanied by retraction of the eyeball, narrowing of the(More)
With the ubiquitous connectivity offered by the Internet, social media sites (like Twitter and Facebook) and personal publishing platforms (blogs) are proliferating rapidly. In this new, evolving scenario of social media, these tools become an important medium to disseminate information at a lightning speed. However, the conventional medical publication(More)
There is an exciting opportunity to change the landscape of clinical trials and new interventions. Research can now be tailored to the needs of the public through the use of public led online trials (PLOTs) and participatory research interventions in the form of user driven healthcare. We explore some of the advantages and pitfalls of collaborative(More)
Once upon a time, not so long ago, the only way to disseminate patient information beyond the walls of the hospital was through medical journals or presentations. The potential for damage to the patient was minimal and was offset by the learning potential offered by it. Now the scenario has changed drastically. With the advent of social media sites like(More)
A cross-sectional survey was conducted upon 500 respondents, comprising of 250 adults and 250 children who did consume antibiotics in the previous three months. Data were analysed to determine the patterns of utilisation, compliance and awareness regarding antibiotic medication amongst a selected urban population at Kolkata. Antibiotic consumption without(More)