Pranab Kumar Banerjee

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Certain security attacks specific to Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) such as black hole attacks, gray hole attacks and blackmail attacks and also flooding attacks are lethal in terms of hampering availability of network service. In this paper, we propose a protocol for detecting flooding, black hole, gray hole and blackmail attacks and taking measures(More)
Security in routing is a challenging issue in mobile ad-hoc (MANET) network because of its open nature, infrastructure less property, mobility and energy constraints. Messages typically roam in multi-hopped fashion and nodes may be powered by limited energy source and with limited physical security. So we proposed a new scheme which is significantly(More)
Many security schemes for mobile ad-hoc network(MANET) have been proposed so far but none of them has been successful in combating the different types of attacks that a mobile ad-hoc network often faces. This paper is providing one way of mitigating attacks in mobile ad-hoc networks by authenticating the node who tries to access this network .This scheme(More)
In cellular mobile communication system the existing distributed dynamic channel allocation algorithms suffer from high message complexity and channel acquisition time. To contend this problem, in this paper, a modified distributed dynamic channel allocation algorithm be called as Reduced Search In Update (RSU) is proposed, which takes into considerations(More)
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