Pranab K Mukhopadhyay

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We propose and demonstrate the use of short pulsed fiber lasers in surface texturing using MHz-repetition-rate, microjoule- and sub-microjoule-energy pulses. Texturing of titanium-based (Ti6Al4V) dental implant surfaces is achieved using femtosecond, picosecond and (for comparison) nanosecond pulses with the aim of controlling attachment of human cells onto(More)
A multimode interference filter with narrow transmission bandwidth and large self-imaging wavelength interval is constructed and implemented in an ytterbium doped fiber laser in all-fiber format for broad wavelength tunability as well as narrow spectral width of the output beam. The peak transmission wavelength of the multimode interference filter was tuned(More)
We have developed an efficient and high power repetitively Q-switched diode-pumped intracavity frequency doubled Nd:YAG/LiB(3)O(5) based green laser capable of generating 124 W of average green power with 50 ns pulse duration in a highly compact and robust linear cavity configuration. The pump to green beam conversion efficiency is 16.8% and the overall(More)
A simple method to reduce the fall time and enhancement of peak power of intracavity generated Q-switched green pulses is demonstrated. In this method, a mirror with partial transmission at the fundamental lasing wavelength is inserted in front of the nonlinear crystal inside a conventional linear intracavity frequency doubled configuration to form two(More)
The amplification properties of the pulses at and after the nonlinear polarization rejection (NPR) port of an all-normal-dispersion Yb-doped mode-locked fiber laser are studied. The experimental results show that the spectra of the output pulses after the NPR port are considerably resistant to distortions on amplification and can be compressed in the(More)
By exploiting the saturable nature of re-absorption loss under the quasi-three-level laser transition self Q-switching operation in Nd:YVO(4) laser at 914 nm is demonstrated. The stable self-pulsing operation was observed with Nd:YVO(4) crystal with doping concentration of 0.3 at.%. At an incident pump power of 30 W around 600 mW of average power was(More)
A narrow-linewidth broadly tunable Yb-doped Q-switched fiber laser using an acousto-optic modulator and multimode interference filter (MMIF) in the linear bulk cavity resonator and an all-fiber ring cavity resonator has been demonstrated. Insertion of an MMIF in the linear cavity resonator using bulk components decreased the spectral bandwidth of the(More)
Controlled modification of implant surfaces using femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond pulses from home-built all-fiber-integrated lasers is demonstrated. Picosecond and femtosecond pulses offer superior control over the surface texture. Increasing cell attachment to surface is discussed.
We report, for what we believe is the first time, generation of stable chair-like pulses (a pulse shape with an initial long flat portion followed by a short high peak power portion resembling the shape of a chair) by mode locking of a Ytterbium (Yb)-doped fiber laser. Chair-like pulse shapes are achieved by implementing dual saturable absorbers, one based(More)
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