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OBJECTIVES Secondary PPH has received little attention. In more than half of cases the etiology is not made out. Vascular abnormalities like pseudoaneurysm and AV malformation are rare but detectable and easily treatable. METHODS This is an analysis of five women presenting with severe secondary PPH after the 3rd to 6th week of postpartum. All women were(More)
A case-control study was conducted in India between April 2007 and January 2008, to identify the clinical and historical risk factors associated with early onset pre-eclampsia/eclampsia (PE-E) in women attending a tertiary care hospital in North India. The study group comprised 100 women with early onset severe pre-eclampsia/eclampsia (≤34 weeks) and a(More)
Trauma during pregnancy can present a unique challenge because of care for the mother and the fetus. About 6-7% of all pregnant patients are exposed to some sort of trauma, especially during the third trimester, with 0.3-0.4% requiring hospitalization. Although mostly accidental, injuries are sometimes caused by intentional violence. There is no published(More)
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