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Understanding the mechanism(s) of reactions in leprosy remains a challenging task for both clinicians and basic scientists. While there is some understanding of host processes associated with different type of lepra reactions, there is very little information about bacterial factors triggering these inflammatory processes. This study is continuation of our(More)
The brakes must be strong enough to stop the vehicle within a minimum distance in an emergency. The driver must have proper control over the vehicle during emergency braking and vehicle must not skid. The brakes must have good antedate characteristics their effectiveness should not decrease with prolonged application and thus it demand that the cooling of(More)
Abstract—DBSCAN is a well-known density-based data clustering algorithm that is widely used due to its ability to find arbitrarily shaped clusters in noisy data. However, DBSCAN is hard to scale which limits its utility when working with large data sets. Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs), on the other hand, are a fast data-processing abstraction created(More)
Fluorescence spectroscopy of the endogenous emission of brain tumors has been researched as a potentially important method for the intraoperative localization of brain tumor margins. We investigated the use of time-resolved, laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy for demarcation of primary brain tumors by studying the time-resolved spectra of gliomas. The(More)
Parallel computing is the simultaneous use of multiple compute resources to solve a computational problem. Parallel computing operates on the principle that large problems can often be divided into smaller ones, which are then solved concurrently ("in parallel"). The reasons for using parallel processing are to save time (wall clock time), to solve larger(More)
Paget's disease of bone is a common condition characterized by increased and disorganized bone turnover which can affect one or several bones throughout the skeleton. These abnormalities disrupt normal bone architecture and lead to various complications such as bone pain, osteoarthritis, pathological fracture, bone deformity, deafness, and nerve compression(More)
To date there have been only two cases of neurocysticercosis reported in Malaysia, the first was diagnosed at autopsy in 1934, and the second was an immigrant who probably acquired the infection when she was in India. This is the report of a local born Malay woman with neurocysticercosis who presented with headache, and confusion. CT brain scan showed(More)
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