Pramod Watekar

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We have experimentally developed a highly sensitive and a compact size current sensor by using the CdSe quantum dots-doped bend insensitive optical fiber, operating in the visible band of wavelength. The modified sensitivity of this sensor was about 675 microrad/(Turn.A.m) for the loop radius of just 10 mm, which is more than 16 times larger than that of(More)
We propose a new design of a single-mode optical fiber (SMF) which exhibits ultra low bend sensitivity over a wide communication band (1.3 microm to 1.65 microm). A five-cladding fiber structure has been proposed to minimize the bending loss, estimated to be as low as 4.4x10(-10) dB/turn for the bend radius of 10 mm.
Optical fibers containing gold metal nanoparticles were developed by modified chemical vapor deposition, in which Au(OH)3 and tetraethyl-orthosilicate (TEOS) was used via sol-gel process to incorporate gold metals by providing the reduction atmosphere. The absorption peak appeared near 490 nm was found to be due to the surface plasmon resonance of the gold(More)
A new optical fiber current sensor using a CdSe quantum dots doped optical fiber has been demonstrated with high Faraday rotation for remote sensing of current from 0 to 40 Amperes. It showed enhancement in the current sensitivity by about 2 times than that of the single mode optical fiber current sensor at 632 nm.
We observed intense green upconversion emission from Tb(3+) centered at 546 nm due to transition D(4)5-->F(5)7 in Tb(3+)/Yb(3+) codoped alumino-germano-silicate optical fibers by direct excitation of Yb(3+) ions with a laser diode at 976 nm. A two-photon cooperative energy transfer upconversion among a pair of Yb(3+) donor ions and a Tb(3+) acceptor ion are(More)
We have developed a cost-effective, high-capacity Er-doped fiber amplifier based on the high-power white LED and a large-core Er-doped fiber. Er ions of the fiber with absorption bands at 453, 488, 523, and 654 nm were simultaneously excited by LED pumping and amplification with optical gain over 12 dB at 1550 nm was obtained.