Pramod V. Mahajan

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Respiration rate measurement considering the effects of cutting, temperature, and storage time are important for the shelf life study and modified atmosphere-packaging design of fresh-cut produce. This study investigates in the respiration rate of fresh whole and sliced mushrooms at 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 degrees C under ambient atmosphere and different(More)
The proliferation of counterfeit medicines is one of the most pressing issues facing the pharmaceutical industry. The sale of fake drugs accounts for an estimated $512 billion in global sales each year, constituting 5% to 7% of total international trade. According to one source, manufacturing of fake medicines “will grow by an average of 13% annually(More)
Aim of the Review To assess the state of the literature concerning pharmacogenomic testing in patients requiring vitamin K antagonists, specifically warfarin. Method We conducted a literature search of MEDLINE and International Pharmaceutical Abstracts using the following words: warfarin, pharmacogenetic, and pharmacogenomic. The search results were(More)
Measurement, analysis, and modeling of respiration rate (RR) of fresh produce are fundamental for the engineering design of MAP. This study investigates the effect of type of cutting (sliced in circular shape, batons in rectangular shape, and shredded into thin strips) on the respiration rate of carrots at different temperatures (4, 8, 12, 16, and 20(More)
Postharvest technologies have allowed horticultural industries to meet the global demands of local and large-scale production and intercontinental distribution of fresh produce that have high nutritional and sensory quality. Harvested products are metabolically active, undergoing ripening and senescence processes that must be controlled to prolong(More)
Understanding the effect of time and temperature on the respiration rate (RR) of fresh-cut produce, towards the design of a suitable modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system, requires an adequate mathematical model for prediction of RR as a function of both time and temperature. This study investigated the effect of temperature (5, 10, and 15 °C) and(More)
MAP is a dynamic system where respiration of the packaged product and gas permeation through the packaging film takes place simultaneously. The desired level of O2 and CO2 in a package is achieved by matching film permeation rates for O2 and CO2 with respiration rate of the packaged product. A mathematical model for MAP of fresh fruits applying enzyme(More)
UNLABELLED Packaging and storage of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are a challenging task, since fresh produce continue to respire and senesce after harvest and processing accelerates the physiological processes. The response on respiration and ethylene production rates of fresh produce to changes in O2 and CO2 concentrations and temperature has been(More)
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