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The human ether-a-go-go related gene (HERG) potassium channel has elicited intense scientific interest due to its role in cardiac repolarization and its association with arrhythmia and sudden cardiac(More)
Mammalian non-selective transient receptor potential cation channels (TRPCs) are important in the regulation of cellular calcium homeostasis. In thyroid cells, including rat thyroid FRTL-5 cells,(More)
Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is a disease of the central nervous system (CNS) caused by the cestode Taenia solium. The infection exhibits a long asymptomatic phase, typically lasting 3 to 5 years, before(More)
The identity of calcium channels in the thyroid is unclear. In human follicular thyroid ML-1 cancer cells, sphingolipid sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P), through S1P receptors 1 and 3 (S1P1/S1P3), and(More)