Pramod Subba Rao

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This paper explores the feasibility of entirely disaggregated memory from compute and storage for a particular, widely deployed workload, Spark SQL analytics queries. We measure the empirical rate at which records are processed and calculate the effective memory bandwidth utilized based on the sizes of the columns accessed in the query. Our findings(More)
These days, new advances and stages are developing and evolving continually, which suggests a high exertion for creating of complex frameworks, for example, E-learning stage. This circumstance produces distinctive issues identified with compactness, reusability, versatility, incorporation and interoperability. The Object Management Group (OMG) proposes the(More)
Considerable attention has been devoted recently to active vibration control using intelligent materials as actuators. This paper present result on active control schemes for vibration suppression of flexible aluminium cantilever beam with bonded piezoelectric actuators. The PZT patches were surface bonded near the fixed end of flexible cantilever beam. The(More)
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