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In the area of Robotics, the gripper plays a very important role as it is required to hold and place the object at the desired location. The requirements of gripper in terms of load capacity, and flexibility to adapt to the form of the object with tactile sensing capability which suit the strength of the object are necessary. Extensive research work is(More)
This review is motivated by our recognition that an adequate and reliable electricity supply is a critical element in economic growth. From a customer’s perspective, electricity has several distinct attributes: quality, reliability, time of use, consumption (kW h) volume, maximum demand (kW), and environmental impact. A differentiated product can be formed(More)
In the area of Robotics, the micro-walking robots play a very important role as it is required to perform inspection and maintenance inside pipelines or narrow spaces where people cannot enter. Extensive research work is under way in the design and control of the micro-walking robot. An exhaustive survey of all such robots conveys the idea of higher and(More)
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