Pramod Kumar Singh

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This article illustrates the role of GIS in development planning and the management of resources. The major Indian initiatives of GIS infrastructure development such as the NRIS, NRDMS and GISNIC have been discussed in detail. It gives recent initiatives like large-scale mapping, VRC, and NSDI. The article borrows the theoretical concepts from the(More)
The 0-1 knapsack problem is a well-studied combinatorial optimization problem and much research has been performed on many variants of the problem [1,28]. There are single and multiobjective versions of the problem involving one and m-dimensional knapsacks [9,15]. Even the single objective case has been proven to be NP-hard. Much research for the single(More)
The problem of computing spanning trees along with specific constraints is mostly NP-hard. Many approximation and stochastic algorithms which yield a single solution, have been proposed. In this paper, we formulate the generic multi-objective spanning tree (MOST) problem and consider edge-cost and diameter as the two objectives. Since the problem is hard,(More)
In this paper, we consider a biobjective minimum spanning tree problem (MOST) and minimize two objectives - tree cost and diameter - in terms of Pareto-optimality. We assess the quality of obtained MOEA solutions in comparison to well-known diameter-constrained minimum spanning tree (dc-MST) algorithms and further improve MOEA solutions using(More)
—These Network Coding improves the network operation beyond the traditional routing or store-and-forward, by mixing of data stream within a network. Network coding techniques explicitly minimizes the total no of transmission in wireless network. The Coding-aware routing maximizes the coding opportunity by finding the coding possible path for every packet in(More)