Pramod Konugurthi

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The user-level brokers in grids consider individual application QoS requirements and minimize their cost without considering demands from other users. This results in contention for resources and sub-optimal schedules. Meta-scheduling in grids aims to address this scheduling problem, which is NP hard due to its combinatorial nature. Thus, many(More)
Advances in information technology and its widespread growth in several areas of business, engineering, medical, and scientific studies are resulting in information/data explosion. Knowledge discovery and decision-making from such rapidly growing voluminous data are a challenging task in terms of data organization and processing, which is an emerging trend(More)
Cloud computing is a promising cost efficient service oriented computing platform in the fields of science, engineering, business and social networking for delivering the resources on demand. Big Data Clouds is a new generation data analytics platform using Cloud computing as a back end technologies, for information mining, knowledge discovery and decision(More)
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce model have become popular technologies for large scale data organization and analysis. Existing model of data organization and processing in Hadoop using HDFS and MapReduce are ideally tailored for search and data parallel applications, for which there is no need of data dependency with its(More)
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