Pramod Agarwal

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controllers on energy saving opportunity of partial loaded three-phase induction motor in textile mill (ring spinning frame) applications. The economics of a scalar controlled 100 HP induction motor is investigated with three topologies namely star-delta (S/D) connection, constant Volt/frequency (V/f) controller and Differential Evolution (DE) controller in(More)
This paper presents a new control algorithm for a shunt active power filter to compensate harmonics and reactive power required by nonlinear loads. If the utility voltage is distorted, active power filter (APF) allows similar level of distortion in the compensated source current. Therefore, the resultant source currents have the same waveform as that of the(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a simple neutral point potential (NPP) regulator for a three-level diode-clamped inverter employing a sine-triangle regulator in conjunction with a closed-loop controller with reduced switching losses. The regulator principle is based on adding a continuous variable offset voltage which regulates the(More)
This paper describes design of a reusable motor control peripheral for system on chip applications. It integrates previously carried out work on motor speed sensing, current monitoring and generation of power device triggering signals. The idea of creating a customized PMAC (permanent magnet AC ) motor control peripheral, which can connect to a standard(More)
A simple control of unified power quality conditioner based on current source inverter for three phase four wire system is presented. The compensation strategy is based on extraction of unit vector template. Reference voltage signals are derived from distorted source voltage with unit vector templates, while current references are derived using Akagi's(More)
This paper presents simulation studies on the optimal energy control of an inverter-fed three-phase induction motor (1 hp). An overview of various controllers: loss model controller, search controller and their hybridization are given. Induction motor parameter variations due to temperature rise and core saturation are considered when loss models are(More)
Ziegler-Nichols tuned PID controller's performances usually are not acceptable for applications requiring precise control. In this paper an improved discrete auto-tuning PID scheme is developed for DC-DC converters where large load changes are expected or the need for fast response time. The algorithm developed in this paper is used for the tuning discrete(More)
To increase the mechanical robustness of drive system and to make the drive cheaper elimination of the position sensor is highly encouraged. Sensors are not reliable in explosive environment like in chemical industries and may cause the EMI problem. This has made the speed and position sensorless drive very attractive. A speed and position estimator for(More)
In this paper, a system identification based method is proposed to determine the transfer function of a cascade multilevel inverter STATCOM connected to a distribution system in order to design control system for mitigating voltage fluctuations. The identified model has been used for determining the voltage controller parameters using Ziegler-Nichols(More)